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Let’s take a tour down the history lane. In 1987 Marillion was getting ready to tour the new album globally. EMI answered the invitation issued by state-run PAGART and sent its band for 11 days, to a country where its albums could not be legally purchased. The Brits thought it was a perfect place to quietly try out new material, test the equipment and prepare for a months-long world tour. However, as it quickly turned out, Marillion was to face the most impassioned audience it ever encountered as well as numerous surprising events which were the result of the political and cultural differences of that time. All these factors make a fascinating story of the birth of the relationship between Marillion and Poland. A relationship that last to this day.

The publication includes quotes from: John Arnison (Marillion’s manager in 1987), Mark Kelly (Marillion), Ian Mosley (Marillion), Fish (Marillion at the time), Cosi Josias (backing vocals on the 1987 tour), David Hepworth (“Q Magazine” journalist in 1987), George Chin (a talented photographer who worked for Japanese “Burrn!” in 1987), Andrzej Marzec (a representative of PAGART at the time – organiser of Marillion shows in Poland), Roman Rogowiecki (music journalist, translator and guide for the band during their trip to Poland in 1987), Katarzyna Palarska (chairman of the first Polish Marillion fan club in the 80s).


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